Relaxation for body, mind and soul

In our Kneipp world, fed with natural water from our source, you can discover, practice and enjoy the suggestions of the pastor and naturopath Sebastian Kneipp for a healthy lifestyle. The Kneipp path winds around the hotel building, where you can experience beneficial Kneipp treatments in three hydrotherapy stations, a barefoot path and several herbal beds.
You will find relaxation in a quiet place in our vast natural garden.

Arm bath

Immersing your arms in cold water strengthens, among other things, the defenses of the upper respiratory tract, promotes the flow of blood to the heart muscle and stimulates the metabolism.


Drinking water on the go: Fill up your water bottle here and save unnecessary plastic waste and money.

Water jets

Water jets to the knees strengthen the immune system and pelvic organs and promote blood circulation in the skin and muscles.

Water path

One of the best known Kneipp treatments is stork walking in cold water. It strengthens the immune system, stimulates circulation and also helps with tired legs, high blood pressure and headaches

Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot on natural surfaces such as gravel, stones, wood, spruce cones or tree bark strengthens the foot muscles, strengthens tendons and ligaments, massages the reflex zones of the foot and helps against sweating of the feet and prevents athlete's foot.

Herb beds

Perfumes and smells awaken emotions, remind us of childhood dreams, unforgettable holidays and much more. Perfumes have an anti-stress effect, help you relax or stimulate and release new energy.

Place to relax

Relax and find inner balance. Find a place to relax and lose yourself in positive thoughts or immerse yourself in the world of an exciting book.